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Slatwall Display Unit

(All Prices Quoted Exclude Vat and Delivery)

€495  Slatwall Display Unit

€168  Carry Case on Wheels (optional)

Optional Accessories & Pricing: See Below.

  • Image of a Slatwall Display Unit
    Slatwall Display Unit
  • Image of a Slatwall Display Unit
    Slatwall Display Unit
  • Image of a Slatwall Display Unit
    Slatwall Display Unit
  • Image of a Slatwall Display Unit Carry Case
    Carry Case on Wheels
  • Image of a 10 Ball Sloping Arm
    Slatwall Accessory - 10 Ball Sloping Arm
  • Image of a Single Prong Card Arm
    Slatwall Accessory - Single Prong Card Arm
  • Image of a Double Prong Card Arm
    Slatwall Accessory - Double Prong Card Arm
  • Image of a Leaflet Holders
    Slatwall Accessory - Leaflet Holder
  • Image of a Curved Product Shelf
    Slatwall Accessory - Curved Product Shelf
  • Image of a Flat Product Shelf
    Slatwall Accessory - Flat Product Shelf
  • Image of a Shoe Shelf
    Slatwall Accessory - Shoe Shelf
  • Image of a Product Shelf Set
    Slatwall Accessory - Product Shelf Set
  • Image of Rotrlink Twist and Lock Technology
    Rotrlink Twist and Lock Technology
  • Image of Rotrlink Twist and Lock Technology
    Rotrlink Twist and Lock Technology
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Slatwall Display Unit

Slatwall is an innovative and versatile way of displaying products on any exhibition or display stand. Creo can provide a cost-effective, versatile solution to enhance your product display and we have a large range of slatwall fittings, slatwall hooks and slatwall accessories to make the most of your merchandising.

If you need assistance with anything that we offer, or have any queries please contact us by phone or email and our experienced team will answer your questions.


Product Details:

  • Innovative single-sided multifunctional product display.
  • Self-assembly display featuring ingenious RotrLink post connection.
  • Stylish inter-locking white slat wall panels (set of 5) - each 766(w) x 310mm(h).
  • Slatwall visual area when assembled - 750mm(w) x 1540mm(h).
  • Graphic display opportunity on spacer panel - visual area 750(w) x 350mm(h).
  • Wide range of slatwall accessories available.
  • All kits supplied dismantled for ease of transportation.
  • Maximum overall stand dimensions - 1006(w) x 380(d) x 2016mm(h).
  • Ship safe durable carton measurements - 1020(w) x 500(d) x 240mm(h).
  • Packaged weight - 23kg (carton)

10 Ball Sloping Arm

  • Product code - SBSA 280
  • 280mm
  • Chromed steel

Single Prong Card Arm

  • Product code - SSPA 150
  • 150mm
  • Chromed steel

Double Prong Card Arm

  • Product code - SEPA 200
  • 200mm
  • Chromed steel

Leaflet Holders

  • A4 Product code - SLH/A4
  • A5 Product code - SLH/A5
  • 1/3 A4 Product code - SLH/DLE
  • Clear acrylic 3mm

Curved Product Shelf

  • Product code - SCPS 150
  • 150 x 150mm
  • Clear acrylic 3mm

Flat Product Shelf

  • Product code - SFPS 100
  • 100 x 200mm
  • Clear acrylic 3mm

Shoe Shelf

  • Product code - SSSR 100
  • Right facing - 100 x 250mm
  • Clear acrylic 3mm

Product Shelf Set

  • Product code - SPSS 250
  • Including brackets - 250 x 600mm
  • Clear acrylic 4mm

Accessories Available:

  • 10 Ball Sloping Arm
  • Prong Arm
  • Euro Slot Arm
  • Acrylic Leaflet Holders
  • Various Acrylic Shelves
  • Acrylic Shoe Display


€8  -  Slatwall Curved Product Shelf

€8  -  Slatwall Straight Product Shelf

€15  -  Slatwall Shoe Product Shelf

€28  -  Slatwall Large Straight Product Shelf

€19  -  Slatwall Leaflet Holder A4

€15  -  Slatwall Leaflet Holder A5

€14  -  Slatwall Leaflet Holder DL (1/3 A4)

€1.50  -  Slatwall Single Prong Card Arm

€3.50  -  Slatwall Double Prong Card Arm

€12  -  10 Ball Sloping Arm


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